📷 Day 5 of the photoblogging challenge has the easiest prompt… pets! 🤣 For this one, have an old photo of my cat Gidget and my parents’ dog Gizmo. They may be different species but they’re still BFFs, and have been since Gidget was about 14 weeks old. 🐱🐶

top-down photo of a tabby cat and a little white dog, on some foam padding in a backyard

🐈 A neighbour’s cat, Ben, came to the front window to ask whether Gidget was home. I had to tell him she wasn’t… but even when she is, she likes to pretend she can’t see him when he does this anyway 🤣

a ginger cat sniffing a window; photo taken from the perspective of inside the window

🐈 Fun fact: while Gidget loves arid heat, she ALSO loves heavy rain. She likes to sit under cover and just watch it fall. She doesn’t so much like being rudely interrupted by selfish humans taking photos…

foreground: a tabby cat staring at the photo-taker. background: a blurry, rain-saturated courtyard

🐈 When the cool change came through yesterday, my heat-loving cat was not impressed. She was immediately demanding that I put the 40°C (104°F) weather back 🤦🏻‍♀️

close-up of a tabby cat's face, looking up impatiently at the photo-taker

🐈 Gidget likes to shepherd us humans off to bed when it gets to 10 or 11, then watches us like a hawk to make sure we go to sleep and don’t stay up late like naughty humans 😅 Honestly, how boring would life be without pets?

a tabby cat sits on a bedside table, glowering

The dog beach was the place to be yesterday! Beautiful weather, and many many dogs. Gizmo certainly enjoyed himself 🐶

a shot of a beach, sand and grassy hill behind to the left, marina behind to the right a small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking awaya small white dog paddling in shallow ocean water, looking at the camera

🐶 We paid a visit to this little guy (and his humans) yesterday. Although he was excited when we got there, he later growled a lot when he thought I was trying to steal his bickie, and finished the night hiding under an armchair so Thor, God of Thunder, wouldn’t find him 😢

a small white dog on a wooden floor looks at the cameraa small white dog on a wooden floor looks off-camera to the right

🐶 I realised I’ve been slacking on the photo posts lately, so here’s Gizmo a couple of weekends ago. It was quite a warm afternoon, so the second we reached the shoreline at the beach, he wasted no time dunking himself in the water!

in shallow water at the beach, a small white dog inspects the oceanin shallow water at the beach, a small white dog 'flops' himself into the ocean, shoulder first

🐈 On Gidget not wanting to see guests

Gidget is an indoor-outdoor cat, but we (try to) keep her in between dusk and dawn (which is even the local bylaw, although hardly anyone abides by it haha). Last week she was giving us some problems: where usually she’d been coming in between 6–7pm, she was jumping the fence to a neighbour’s and not coming home ‘til 11pm, if we didn’t find her and carry her in before 6. She also wasn’t coming in for snacks over the course of the day like usual, nor spending her time chilling in our little backyard where she usually spends a lot of time.

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