So here’s a neat online game: The Royal Game of Ur is a FOSS implementation of a game first played in the ancient city of Ur in the third millennium BCE. Gameboards and a Babylonian tablet with the rules were re-discovered a century ago. Fun time-waster 🙂

Yesterday I discovered this amazing free(mium) browser game, AI Dungeon. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a text-based RPG, but the game text is generated on the fly by an AI. It offers a fair amount of customisability – you can add text in “world info” and “remember” for the AI to keep in memory, like the lore and setting you want to play with. I had a lot of fun with it last night – we’re talking laughter loud enough that Viv asked me what happened from three rooms away (where he was trying to sleep, oops). If you like text-based RPGs or CYOAs this is one to play around with.

Considering I’m notoriously bad at platformers and I died on the tutorial like 10 times, I feel proud that on my first actual run of Spelunky HD I made it all the way to level 1–2 😂️

We played the family edition of Cards Against Humanity yesterday, and tbh I like it better than the “grown-up” edition. Too many of the “grown-up” cards rely on shock value and aren’t actually funny… the family edition’s full of toilet humour but at least most is actually funny 😂

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